Company Name
More Info
Advocacy Software  (1 Resource)  
Soft Edge Advocacy Software      
Copiers  (2 Resources) 
Xerox Copiers David Snow (866) 474-7320  
CBS Copiers Paul Rolla (860) 667-2900 x1144  
Donor Management  (4 Resources) 
Donor Perfect Donor Management Terry Hersh
Donor Pro Donor Management      
Gift Works Donor Management Barbara Young 1 (888) 323-8766 x101
SAGE Donor Management Jeff Steinberg (516) 932-5722
Email Communications  (1 Resource)  
Constant Contact Email Communications      
Mobile Applications  (3 Resources) 
Canvas Mobile Applications      
Form Stack Mobile Applications      
Wufoo Mobile Applications      
Online Database  (4 Resources) 
Intuit QuickBase Online Database      
Salesforce Online Database      
Caspio Online Database      
Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator Online Database      
Phone Systems  (8 Resources) 
Comtel Group Phone Systems Amy Gilfix-Lowe (781) 577-5440
New England Communications Corp. Phone Systems David Rowland (860) 529-3200  
Charter Oak Telephone, LLC Phone Systems   (860) 228-4148
NP Cloud Phone Systems   1 (888) 798-1350  
8 x 8 Phone Systems   1 (866) 879-8647  
Xobal Phone Systems Ed Ross (860) 930-2391
A&B Telephone Systems, LLC Phone Systems   (860) 645-0829    
Genie Innovations Phone Systems   (860) 610-6000  
Social Media  (1 Resource)  
Barefoot Media Social Media Caitlin Thayer (860) 335-3306
Tech Support  (9 Resources) 
The Walker Group Tech Support   (860) 678-3530  
Cooperative Systems LLC Tech Support Scott Spatz (860) 523-1000  
NowITWorks Tech Support Chris Meacham (800) 305-6615 x707
Asystct Tech Support Tony Koos
IT Direct Tech Support   (860) 656-9110  
Nutmeg Consulting Tech Support Chris Shipley (860) 256-4822  
Geeks for Good Tech Support   (860) 888-2692
Case Partners Tech Support Tony Shockley (860) 527-0436
The Technology Group Tech Support Mike Brown (860) 524-4400  
Training  (2 Resources) 
The Port Network Training website with social networking webinars    
Common Knowledge Training website with social networking information    
Volunteer Management  (1 Resource)  
Volunteer Hub Volunteer Management      
Web 2.0 writeup  (2 Resources) 
  Web 2.0 writeup Wild Apricot    
  Web 2.0 writeup      
Web Design  (17 Resources) 
Service Internet Solutions LLC Web Design Matt Service (860) 292-1557 x202  
Trancendigital Web Design      
Welch Design LLC Web Design Betty Welch (203) 874-8276  
PortOne Internet Web Design   (877) 767-8663  
Sandy Machado Web Design Sandy Machado (774) 201-9502
Naomi Pierce Web Design Studio-N
Webdesignsage Web Design Felix Mimo (617) 710-0542
Kelly Design Company Web Design Bill Kelly (860) 233-4173  
ImageWorks, LLC Web Design Jeff Cohen (860) 647-7725  
FyneLyne Web Design Lynn Amos (914) 930-4537 Web Design Web Design        
Influential Designs Web Design   (860) 985-7877  
Wild Apple Design Group Web Design Eric Belliveau    
Walden Pond Design Web Design Andrew Kaplan (860) 304-6369  
Cindie Cagenello Web Design Cindie Cagenello (860) 559-4683  
CO LAB Brand Strategy and Design Web Design   (860) 951-7782  

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